How Much Do You Know About Knee Arthroscopy Instruments?

Knee Arthroscopy Instruments belong to a minimally invasive technology that can be used to examine and diagnose injuries in the knee joint. Simply put, it is a minimally invasive knee arthroscopy technology. Currently, this technology has been greatly developed in the field of knee joints. Most diagnoses and treatments can be completed in one arthroscopic operation. This is a breakthrough compared to previous surgeries. Knee joint surgeries are gradually moving towards micro-invasive direction. Examinations are more thorough and complete, and the operation has the effect of small trauma and fast recovery.

Knee Arthroscopy Instruments Diagnostic Joint Technology

When knee joints first appeared, they were mainly used for diagnosis and examination. However, with the continuous development of technology, operations such as CT, DR, and others have emerged, which has made the examination methods of knee joint lesions very rich. Most routine operations can be completed non-invasively. Diagnostic knee arthroscopy instrument is suitable for minimally invasive operations, which can carry out corresponding examinations on the swelling and pain in the knee joint, determine the cause of joint pain, and carry out specific examinations, especially for cartilage injuries. It can also identify acute injuries in the knee joint, clearly understand the specific location of the injury, provide correct guidance for the entire surgery, and then provide postoperative rehabilitation guidance.

Knee Arthroscopy Instruments Examination before Incision Surgery

In some places, arthroscopes already exist. When this technology was not mature enough, appropriate examinations were performed before the incision surgery using the arthroscope by mastering the nature of the injury, understanding the specific location of the lesion, and grasping the extent of the injury. This can provide guidance for incision surgery and avoid unnecessary incisions. For acute injuries, further guidance can be given during the exploration process when performing incision surgery. By constantly accumulating operational experience regarding arthroscopy, the entire technical level can be continuously improved to lay a solid foundation for the completion of arthroscopic surgery.

Knee Arthroscopy Instruments Preoperative Evaluation and Postoperative Observation

During preoperative evaluation, it is necessary to grasp the extent of the internal damage to the joint and carry out a good evaluation. For example, before performing the open cruciate ligament reconstruction technology, appropriate examinations should be carried out using the arthroscope. Comprehensive understanding of the secondary condition is essential to objectively evaluate the effect of the reconstruction surgery. Prior to performing the open surgery of patellar dislocation, a comprehensive understanding of the condition of the joint cartilage injury is also necessary, and a correct evaluation is required. In addition, for some rheumatic types, the arthroscopic examination can detect bone and cartilage damage levels and require some replacement surgery.

Knee Arthroscopy Instruments Arthroscopic Operation

There are many operations that can be conducted under arthroscopy. Based on current arthroscopic technology research, except for joint replacement and joint bone tumor surgery, the remaining surgeries can be supported with arthroscopic surgery.

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