Our company's endoscopy scope parts are divided into three parts: flexible endoscope repair parts, rigid endoscopy repair parts, and endoscope cables, which cover most of the endoscopy replacement parts in the field of endoscopy. As a responsable manufacturer of endoscopy repair parts, we have always taken the production of high-quality parts of endoscope as our product philosophy, and strive to make all customers feel at ease. We believe that there is always one that will meet your needs! Whether you are interested in any kind of endoscopy parts, you can contact us.

Flexible endoscope parts: insertion tubes, bending sections, light guide tubes, air/water suction valves, etc.

Rigid endoscopy scope parts: light fibers, connector valves, etc.

Endoscope cable: original and compatible cables for Olympus, Stryker, Storz cameras, etc.

Endoscope Parts And Function

Application of Endoscopy Machine Parts

(1) Examination of gastrointestinal tract diseases

(2) Esophagus: chronic esophagitis, esophageal varices, esophageal tract hernia, esophageal smooth muscle tumor, esophageal cancer and cardia cancer, etc.

(3) Stomach and duodenum: chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, benign gastric tumor, gastric cancer duodenal ulcer, duodenal tumor.

(4) Small intestine: small intestine tumor, smooth muscle tumor, sarcoma, polyp, lymphoma, inflammation, etc.

(5) Large intestine: non-specific ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, chronic colitis, colon polyps, colorectal cancer, etc.

(6) Examination of pancreatic and biliary tract diseases: pancreatic cancer, cholangitis, bile duct cancer, etc.

(7) laparoscopy: liver diseases, biliary system diseases, etc.

(8) Examination of respiratory tract diseases: lung cancer, transbronchoscopic lung biopsy and brush examination, selective bronchography, etc.

(9) Urinary tract examination: cystitis, bladder union, bladder tumor, renal tuberculosis, renal stone, renal tumor, congenital malformation of ureter, ureteral stone, ureteral tumor, etc.

Endoscope Parts And Function

Features of Endoscopy Machine Parts

(1) Endoscopy parts can reduce the time of endoscopy and fast capture.

(2) With video recording and storage function, endoscopy scope parts can store the images of lesion parts for easy viewing and continuous control observation.

(3) Realistic color, high resolution, clear image, the image is specially processed, the image can be magnified, easy to observe.

(4) The use of screen display image, to achieve 1 person operation of multiple people watching at the same time, convenient for disease consultation, diagnosis, teaching.

Medical electronic endoscope & endoscope components clinical applications

In medical care, medical endoscope for sale is mainly in surgery and routine medical examination, compared with traditional surgery, medical endoscopy functional minimally invasive surgical techniques have nearly been widely accepted by doctors and patients, medical endoscopy using the body's natural holes or open a few small holes when necessary, the doctor just skilled endoscope lens deep into the body, through other surgical instruments and camera display system. It is possible to perform closed surgical operations in the body outside the body.

The advantages of medical electronic endoscopy in clinical applications.

(1) Flexible, simple, convenient and more direct operation.

(2) Patient discomfort is minimized, and the new technology reduces surgical complexity and treatment time.

(3) Greatly improved diagnostic ability and efficiency.

(4) Facilitates teaching and clinical case discussion, as well as remote consultation.

(5) Facilitates close cooperation of patients and allows better communication between medical staff and patients.

(6) Provide reliable information for teaching and scientific research.

Why Choose FY MED as Your Endoscope Spare Replacement Parts Supplier?

As one of the endoscope repair companies, our company integrates research and development, production and sales, and can design products with various properties according to customers' requirements, such as: high abrasion resistance, high elasticity, temperature resistance (-80°C to 350°C), flame resistance, oil resistance, shock absorption, acid and alkali resistance, insulation, electrical conductivity and other rubber products. The endoscopy scope parts are all in line with the EU ROHS directive.

We have strong technical force, 10 engineers with more than 10 years of working experience, 10 quality control staff and 22 excellent employees. There are 5 sets of 250T high-precision advanced vulcanizing machines and corresponding supporting equipment, and 4 sets of fully automatic mechanized 500T vulcanizing machines will be added in 2021.

We have all kinds of professional supporting equipment, standardized production process and testing process, advanced production technology, a perfect quality assurance system, strict product quality control, excellence, and high product qualification rate.

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