Olympus WA96203A Sinuscope

  • Outstanding optical quality: High-quality imaging delivers excellent contrast and homogenous illumination.

  • Compatible reprocessing: Autoclavable HD Sinuscopes are also compatible with glutaraldehyde, peracetic acid, and washers/disinfectors.

  • Comprehensive product line: HD Sinuscopes are available in a variety of configurations offering multiple directions of view (0°, 30°, 45°, 70°) and with the connector for the light guide available either on top or bottom.

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  • Rigid Scope Ent
  • Rigid Nasal Endoscopy Procedure
  • Rigid Nasal Scope
  • Rigid Nasal Endoscopy
  • Rigid Scope Ent
  • Rigid Nasal Endoscopy Procedure
  • Rigid Nasal Scope
  • Rigid Nasal Endoscopy

Parameters Of WA96203A Sinuscope

  • Brand: Olympus

  • Model: WA96203A

  • Flexibility: Rigid

  • Endoscope Type: Sinuscope

  • Endoscope Diameter: 4.0 mm

  • View Angle: 45°, connector for a light guide on the bottom

  • Working length:  146 mm

  • Sterilization: Autoclavable

Product details Of WA96203A Sinuscope:

True color HD lens system offering an outstanding vision

The true color HD lens system allows for the definition and clarity of even the finest structures in the entire endoscopic field, offering outstanding optical quality thanks to excellent contrast and homogenous illumination.

Virtually distortion-free for a most realistic image

The special form of Olympus objective lenses eliminates the fish-eye effect which is obvious in standard telescopes. This means that users can benefit from a realistic view throughout the entire endoscopic field.

High durability for long-term savings

The three-tube construction increases the durability. Superior reprocessing compatibility also contributes to high mechanical durability resulting in a long-lasting lifetime and so reduced costs over time regarding repair and replacements.

Long-term reprocessing compatibility

The HD sinuscopes are compatible with essential reprocessing techniques, including autoclaving, automated cleaning, and disinfection. The detachable handle facilitates easy and complete cleaning.

Diversity for your convenience

Olympus HD sinuscopes come in a full complement in terms of the direction of view, as well as traditional and reversed light post options. This facilitates the full range of endonasal and sinus surgery procedures, especially FESS.

Eco-friendly lens system for less hazardous waste

The Olympus optical lens system is eco-friendly as no hazardous materials are used.

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