Consumables Lead the Innovation of Endoscope Products

The huge commercial potential released by the advantages of speciality, low cost, and consumables of disposable endoscopes has made foreign and local enterprises rush to register. Disposable endoscopes are low-cost, consumables, and can carry out dedicated product integration and innovation iterations, bursting out huge clinical application imagination and commercialization potential, and is expected to become a new generation of technological changes that subvert the medical endoscope market!

Multiplexed endoscopes can easily cost millions. For hospitals, the longer the service life of the equipment, the better, and the more versatile the equipment, the better. After endoscope consumables are used, the cost will drop rapidly, and endoscope products are no longer expensive equipment. Consumables will lead the development of endoscopes to "specialization", and product innovation will be carried out around the needs of various clinical procedures to improve the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment.

1. Starting from specific surgical scenarios, integrated innovation of disposable endoscopes

Disposable endoscopes will abandon the universal requirements of reusable endoscopes, and design an endoscope for specific surgical methods, such as special endoscopes, which highly integrate various consumables needed in surgery on the scope body , no longer requires the doctor to repeatedly operate through the forceps. Another example is the high integration of endoscope + ultrasound probe, endoscope + navigation, etc., the innovation potential is huge.

2. The endoscope is portable and flexible, and can expand emergency, bedside, and primary-level diagnosis and treatment scenarios

The lightweight, portable, and wash-free disinfection of the disposable scope + main unit makes the application scenarios of endoscopes more flexible, especially suitable for bedside, emergency, and grass-roots scenarios. Some studies have also proposed that the use of portable disposable bronchoscopes at the bedside can detect lesions early at the bedside for timely diagnosis and treatment.

3. Innovative integration of endoscopic medical device products

Endoscope consumables reduce the requirements for long-term durability. Depending on the development of the underlying technology of electronic components and the enrichment of clinical scene requirements, the disposable endoscope itself will definitely enter the process of rapid iterative upgrade. As the basic platform for endoscopic surgery, endoscope is also further innovatively integrated with other medical device products. For example, disposable endoscope + surgical robot can promote the evolution of flexible surgical robots, and disposable endoscope + ablation intervention will lead a new mode of diagnosis and treatment.

Automatic endoscope is a detection instrument that integrates traditional optics, ergonomics, precision machinery, modern electronics, mathematics, and software. It consists of endoscope system, image display system, lighting system, and peripheral equipment. Lens, light source lighting, mechanical devices and other core components. Endoscope is one of the key surgical instruments for minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment. It can enter the body through natural orifices or percutaneously. When in use, the endoscope is introduced into the pre-observed organ, and the changes in the relevant parts can be directly observed. Endoscopes have a wide range of application scenarios and can realize various functions such as inspection, disease diagnosis and minimally invasive treatment. According to the characteristics of different endoscope products, they can be used in different departments.