Laparoscopic Surgery is a Newly Developed Minimally Invasive Method

Laparoscopy is an inevitable trend in the development of future surgical methods. With the rapid development of industrial manufacturing technology, the integration of related disciplines has laid a firm foundation for the development of new technology and new methods. Coupled with the increasingly skilled operation of doctors, many open surgeries in the past have been replaced by endovascular surgery, greatly increasing the choice of surgery. The traditional method of retrolaparoscopic surgery is to make three small 1cm incisions in the patient's waist, each of which is inserted into a "trocar" shaped working duct, through which all subsequent operations are carried out. Then special lengthened surgical instruments were used to complete the same steps as the open surgery under the surveillance of television to achieve the same surgical effect.

The advantages of two-hole post-laparoscopic surgery are very obvious. First of all, the trauma is small, only two small mouth, small scar, which is more noteworthy for young people and women who love beauty. Second, the operation is a straight incision, the damage to the surrounding tissue is minimized, and the chance of postoperative adhesion becomes smaller. Third, the postoperative wound pain was significantly relieved. Fourthly, the number of days in hospital is less. Some patients can be discharged within 2-3 days, and they can fully recover and work within 7 days, thus greatly reducing the cost of patients and accelerating the rate of hospital bed turnover. Post-two-hole laparoscopic and laparoscopic urological surgery can be used in the following urological treatment, such as renal cyst resection, uncryptorchidism testicular extraction, high spermatic vein ligation, etc.

1. Laparoscopy is an endoscope used for intraperitoneal examination and treatment

It is essentially a fiber light endoscope, including laparoscopy, energy system, light source system, perfusion system and imaging system. In the completely painless case applied to surgical patients, can directly and clearly observe the patient's abdominal conditions, understand the pathogenic factors, at the same time to perform surgical treatment for abnormal conditions. Laparoscopic surgery is also known as "keyhole" surgery. The use of laparoscopic system technology, doctors only need to open several "keyhole" type holes around the surgical site of the patient, no need to open the abdomen can be intuitive in front of the computer screen, the patient's internal conditions, accurate operation, surgical process only a short time, the treatment technology has reached the international advanced level.

2. The new type of laparoscopic surgery is the modern high-tech medical technology with electronic, optical and other advanced equipment to complete the operation principle

Laparoscopic product surgery is a generational improvement of traditional laparotomy, which is performed in a closed abdominal cavity: Under the illumination of a good cold light source, the camera system photographed the organs in the abdominal cavity on the monitoring screen through the laparoscope connected to the abdominal cavity. Under the monitoring and guidance of the high-tech display screen, the surgeon operated the surgical instruments outside the abdominal cavity to conduct exploration, electrical coagulation, hemostasis, tissue separation, incision, suture and other operations on the diseased tissue. It is a model of the application of electronic, optical, camera and other high-tech technologies in clinical surgery, with the characteristics of less trauma, less complications, safety, rapid recovery, surgical endoscopic surgery development is fast, can be examined and treated at the same time, is the most advanced and cutting-edge minimally invasive technology. More and more attention has been paid to its role in the treatment of surgical diseases. And it has become a popular development in the world.