Rigid endoscopes are the oldest type on the market. They are used in the majority of surgical endoscopic applications and enable endoscopists to visualize the surface of organs, their vessels, or pathological changes without large incisions of the body and delivering a view even more clear than with the naked eye. FY-MED, as a professional rigid endoscope factory, has a wide range of products for you to choose from. You can choose the right one from these types of rigid endoscopes to meet your individual needs. We will negotiate with you at a reasonable rigid endoscope price.

Types of Rigid Endoscopes for Sale

The Application of Rigid Endoscopes for Sale

  • Exploration and biopsy of the abdomen (in organs such as the liver, prostate, pancreas, lymph nodes, kidney, small intestines, and others);

  • Examination of the thorax and chest;

  • Biopsy for diagnosis of cancer patients (detection and staging);

  • Surgery or exploration of the joints (arthroscopy);

  • Endoscopic examination and biopsies of organs such as urinary bladder, nose, and ears.

We Provide Professional Repair Of Rigid Endoscopes

As one of the best rigid endoscope suppliers, we have experienced engineers to provide you with professional repair solutions. We can provide repairs related to intervertebral foramoscopy, laparoscopy, cystoscopy, hysteroscopy, otoscopy, arthroscopy, sinusoscopy, etc. We can also provide most accessories for rigid scopes.