Maintenance Case For Olympus Gif-H260 Electronic Gastroscope

Equipment Model 

Olympus GIF-H260 Electronic Gastroscope.

Test Results

1, The image is currently okay, the objective lens has wear and tear, Severe water ingress into the lens, CCD has hidden problems;

2, 20% of wires inside the light beam were broken;

3, The insertion tube has scratches and wear;

4, The angle is not enough, wire, bending section, spiral tube are worn;

5, Biopsy channel was broken and has serious air leakage;

6, Bending rubber is worn.

Maintenance Program

Replacement: objective lens, beam, insertion tube, bending section, spiral tube, wire, biopsy channel, bending rubber (image not warranted).

Repair Cycle

5-8 working days.

Recommendations For Maintenance And Care

  • Do not place the endoscope together with other instruments and avoid touching other parts with the insertion part.

  • Wait until the endoscope angle returns to the 0-degree state before pulling out.

  • Since the insertion part is long, please be careful when cleaning and storing it, and be sure to confirm that it is not stuck beforehand.

  • When sterilizing EVIS endoscopes with ethylene oxide, remove the waterproof cap; when sterilizing other endoscopes with ethylene oxide, put on the ETO cap.

  • Wait until the endoscope angle returns to the 0-degree state, then pull out from the trocar needle and trocar.

  • When adjusting the angle of the insertion part, the angle should not be smaller than the range indicated in the instruction manual.

  • Please keep the sheath as straight as possible during operation.

  • Hold the insert gently and handle it carefully when taking it out.

  • Store in a dry and well-ventilated place at room temperature and in a clean condition.

Video Of Maintaining Result