What Is Gastroscope Examination? Who Is Suitable for Gastroscope?

When it comes to gastroscopy, many people may be familiar with it and know that it can help examine some conditions in the stomach. However, because gastroscopy can bring some discomfort during the examination, many people are more resistant to it and do not have a detailed understanding of it. But in fact, gastroscopy is an examination that can well examine the condition of the stomach. In normal times, we should have an understanding of gastroscopy and know thatnot everyone is suitable for gastroscope.

Ⅰ. The basic meaning of gastroscope

Gastroscopy is the process of inserting a tube with a camera into the stomach through the mouth, and then the camera completely presents some conditions of the stomach, so doctors can judge the stomach’s conditions through the phenomenon. Since gastroscopy requires the tube to be inserted into the throat, it will bring some discomfort to patients during the examination.

Ⅱ. People who are suitable for gastroscope

1. Unexplained weight loss and no appetite

If your appetite and weight are normal in daily life, and suddenly you experience inexplicable weight loss and no appetite, you need to do a gastroscopy to understand your stomach’s condition.

2. Frequent discomfort in the stomach

If you often feel discomfort in the stomach, such as feeling something stuck in the throat, acid reflux, and indigestion, you can do a gastroscope, which can help you understand why these conditions occur.

3. Family history of gastric cancer

If there is a family history of gastric cancer, regular gastroscopy is required because gastric cancer has a certain heritability. Regular examination can help eliminate the occurrence of gastric cancer and detect stomach diseases in time, so that timely treatment can be carried out.

4. Pain in the stomach

If there is unexplained pain in the stomach or upper abdomen, gastroscopy should be done in time, as there may be problems in the stomach that cause pain around the stomach. At this time, examination can reflect the situation in a timely manner.

5. People who have undergone gastric surgery

If you have undergone gastric surgery, you need to have regular gastroscope to understand your stomach's condition after the surgery. Especially for patients with tumor resection, gastroscopy can help determine if recurrence occurs.

Gastroscopy is a fairly common examination, which can help patients understand the condition of their stomach. Therefore, when you find discomfort or abnormalities in your stomach, you should undergo gastroscopy in time, or if you are one of the above mentioned groups of people, you should undergo gastroscopy as soon as possible to detect problems in time.