Arthroscopy Endoscopy and Arthroscopic Surgery

Minimally invasive surgery, also known as "keyhole surgery," is one of the trends and directions in the development of surgical technology around the world today. The purpose is to achieve maximum therapeutic effects with minimal trauma.Arthroscopy technology is the application of minimally invasive surgery in the field of orthopedics. It is used for observation, examination, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases inside the joint. It is an advanced modern orthopedic surgical technique that conforms to the trend of modern surgery.

Meaning of Arthroscopy Endoscopy & Surgery

Arthroscopy scope is a high-tech minimally invasive technique. It consists of a lens, light source, monitor, and arthroscopic instruments. Its diameter is only as thin as a pencil, and the commonly used diameter is only 4 millimeters. With a small incision of less than 1 centimeter on the skin, the arthroscope can be inserted into the joint, connected with a miniature camera, and the condition inside the joint can be displayed clearly on the fluorescent screen through a fiber optic illumination system and a computer imaging system. Through arthroscopy, the condition inside the joint can be carefully observed, and the location of the lesion can be directly and accurately identified. Observation of the lesion inside the joint has a magnifying effect, which is more accurate than directly observing it with the naked eye after opening the joint. After discovering the lesion, surgery can be carried out immediately under the monitoring of the arthroscopy scope. Specialized miniature instruments can be inserted through one- to two additional small incisions for comprehensive examination and surgical treatment.

Advantages of Arthroscopy

  • Small incision. With a clear view and dynamic observation of the condition inside the joint almost in a physiological state, some diseases must be diagnosed under arthroscopy scope.

    Fine surgery. Arthroscopy can accurately preserve the physiological tissue structure, perform targeted surgery, and limit joint trauma to the minimum degree. It is a minimally invasive surgery, with small skin incisions, small surgical incisions, and no damage to the ligaments, joint capsules, and cutaneous nerves around the joint; it causes less pain—basically painless after surgery.

  • Small scar after surgery. The skin scar is small, the scar stimulation is small, and it is more beautiful.

  • Quick recovery after surgery. The joint function recovers quickly after surgery, early ambulation is possible on the second day after surgery, and postoperative complications (joint adhesion, muscle atrophy, venous thrombosis, wound infection) are reduced.

  • Short hospital stay, reduced medical expenses. You can get out of bed and move around two or three days after surgery.

Considerations After Arthroscopic Surgery

An arthroscopic surgery of the knee typically takes about an hour, after which you will be taken to the recovery room. In the recovery room, you can drink water, use the restroom, and move around with the aid of crutches. After about one to two hours, as long as you are feeling comfortable, you may request to be discharged. However, it is best to have someone accompany you on your way home to provide care and assistance.

After the surgery, the incision site will be covered with a dressing to prevent infection and absorb any fluid that may leak from the wound. It is important to keep the dressing dry following the arthroscopy endoscopy surgery, so your doctor or nurse will provide instructions on how and when to change it.

Usually, it is recommended to avoid taking showers in the first few days following the surgery. If taking a shower is necessary, you can wrap your knee with plastic wrap, starting from the bottom and overlapping each layer by half the width of the film, covering the area with the dressing, and then take a shower. It is not recommended to take a bath until the wound has fully healed. To help manage pain, your doctor may also prescribe pain medication.

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