Widespread Use of Medical Endoscopes Brings Light to Medicine

1. Working principle of medical endoscope

The working principle of medical electronic CCD endoscope is that after the cold light source illuminates the inspected or surgical site, the objective lens will image the object to be measured on the CCD photosensitive surface. Displayed on the monitor after restoration. The photosensitive surface of CCD is composed of regularly arranged diodes, each diode is called a pixel, and the number of pixels determines the quality of the image.

The current production process can generally reach 300,000 to 410,000 pixels. The first-stage amplifying circuit of the CCD output signal is also included in the 2mm cylindrical volume. The quality of the electronic endoscopic image mainly depends on the performance of the CCD, followed by the technical indicators of the driving circuit and post-processing system, including resolution, sensitivity, signal-to-noise, spectral response, dark current, dynamic range and image lag.

There are several ways to install the CCD. When the CCD is designed to replace the optical fiber image beam in the fiberscope, the first method to install the CCD at the tip of the electronic endoscope is that the light-receiving surface of the CCD is perpendicular to the optical axis of the objective lens. The simplest construction, in which case an ultra-compact CCD must be used, which keeps the rigid portion of the tip short.

2. Medical endoscopes are widely used

The medical CCD endoscope is a commonly used medical device that can enter the human body through the natural channel of the human body or through a small incision made by surgery. A medical endoscope is usually composed of a bendable part, a light source and a set of lenses. When in use, the endoscope is introduced into the pre-examined organ, and the changes in the relevant parts can be directly observed.

The quality of the image of the medical endoscope directly affects the use effect of the endoscope, and also marks the development level of endoscope technology. Usually, the price of the endoscope with better quality will be higher, but for your own sake. The medical level of the hospital, it is better not to be greedy for small cheap. Many people will come to the door to sell medical equipment, whether it is produced by regular manufacturers, this also needs to be clearly understood to avoid trouble.

3. Brain endoscopic surgery is currently a widely used surgical mode

Its main advantage is that it brings a relatively good minimally invasive surgical method to the patient. Theoretically, the traditional neurosurgery is to open a large bone flap for treatment, and the trauma is very large. great impact on patients. We must also pay attention to minimally invasive surgery. There are very strict surgical indications, and not all patients can be treated with minimally invasive surgery. Be sure to identify the specific condition at the time, for example, if the tumor has a very high blood supply. At this time, it is more difficult to stop the bleeding by surgery, and it cannot be easily treated with an endoscopic method, but can only be treated by a traditional surgical method.

Such as pituitary tumors and other corresponding surgical treatment options. It is very advantageous to have the treatment endoscopically, so as to minimize the damage to the patient. The advantage of endoscopic brain surgery is that it is minimally invasive, which can reduce the damage to the patient, accelerate the recovery in the later period, and reduce the cost of the operation. Sure.