What is Gastroscopy

Purpose of Gastroscopy

Gastroscopy can be used for the diagnosis of oesophageal, gastric and duodenal mucosal diseases, including reflux oesophagitis, oesophageal polyps, chronic gastritis, atrophic gastritis, gastric ulcers, gastric polyps, duodenal polyps, duodenal ulcers, and other diseases. If there are symptoms of upper gastrointestinal discomfort such as upper abdominal discomfort, vague pain, belching, acidity, poor appetite, stuffiness in the upper abdomen after eating, etc., the diagnosis can also be clarified through gastroscopy. In addition, if you have been diagnosed with upper gastrointestinal diseases, you can do electronic gastroscopy to review and observe the efficacy of gastric polyps, duodenal polyps can also be electrocoagulation polyp cutting and forceps to remove foreign bodies and other treatments!


Under what circumstances will the doctor recommend the patient to undergo gastroscopy?

-Patients with epigastric pain, fullness, nausea, vomiting, acid reflux, gas, etc., which cannot be relieved frequently - those who are suspected of having malignant lesions in the oesophagus, stomach or duodenum, and those who have lesions detected by imaging and need further endoscopic biopsy to clarify the nature of the pathology. Those who have been diagnosed with upper gastrointestinal tract pathology and those who need follow-up after oesophageal or gastric surgery.

Those who have acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding or unexplained upper gastrointestinal bleeding and need to identify the cause.

People with family history of oesophageal plague and gastric cancer, long-term smoking and alcohol abuse, and high-risk groups in areas with high incidence of oesophageal plague and gastric plague. Gastroscopy is also recommended for the general population over 45 years of age.

People who need endoscopic treatment such as foreign body removal, haemostasis, dilatation of oesophageal stricture and stent placement.

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